Little Cubist Chibi NFT Warriors

The project will consist of 5000 fantasy warriors, randomly generated from a pool of 118 variables: 2500 masculine (Jack) and 2500 feminine (Jill) forms drawn from 6 skin tones, 12 background and a slew of accessories.

About the Project

I have no idea what I am doing. I'm still trying to get a handle on this crypto stuff. I also prefer to work solo, so assembling a team of experts is not likely.

That said, these are the culmination of a project I started in 2016, based on a sketchbook doodle some years before that.

Originally they were going to be customizable t-shirts and accessories - you know, the giftshop shirts and keychains you can never find your own name type of thing. But then some Code Adam training taught me that it's not a good thing to let kids run around with their names on their stuff like that. So I shelved it till this whole generative NFT art thing came about.


They look like game pieces, is this a game or utility?

No. It's just the aesthetic I finally settled on what with the combination of cubism, chibi and fantasy motifs intersecting - it seemed logical route. Plus the level and heath bar adds another layer of rarity to play with.

At this time I cannot promise any advanced functionality of these NFTs, despite them looking like game art.

It doesn't mean there's NO chance however, but since I have no idea what I doing, right now these are unlikely to be anything more than digital collectables.

Erm, Nigh Heroes?

A play on "My hero" *swoon* But since they're tiny, i figure Nigh (nearly) Heroes fit. Plus it was a short-lived off-shoot of a short-lived comic strip I did back in my college newspaper.

How are you making them?

'Tis a miracle really. Actually, I did the layers in Adobe Illustrator, then mashed them all together with the Hashlips Art Engine

Do you have a Discord?

No, I don't have a Discord channel (yet). I barely tend to my other social medias (IG: @rmlartstudios) let alone have time to moderate a 24/7 chat room :p

Who's Running this Ship?

Artist and designer out or Melbourne, FL. Creator of RML Studios - the overarching brand for all his art projects and indeed the home of the webpage you find yourself upon.

Ryan is the one-man-band that created the art, got the layers to mash together, got them all to upload to a smart contract, and is in charge of marketing this mess. You do not want to know where he's keeping the cymbals...



Teaser of my in the works ##nft project Nigh Heroes. ##nftcollection ##art

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