Little Cubist Chibi NFT Warriors

The project will consist of 5000 fantasy warriors, randomly generated from a pool of 118 variables: 2500 masculine (Jack) and 2500 feminine (Jill) forms drawn from 6 skin tones, 12 background and a slew of accessories.

About the Project

I have no idea what I am doing. I'm still trying to get a handle on this crypto stuff. I also prefer to work solo, so assembling a team of experts is not likely.

That said, these are the culmination of a project I started in 2016, based on a sketchbook doodle some years before that.

Originally they were going to be customizable t-shirts and accessories - you know, the giftshop shirts and keychains you can never find your own name type of thing. But then some Code Adam training taught me that it's not a good thing to let kids run around with their names on their stuff like that. So I shelved it till this whole generative NFT art thing came about.

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(Tentative) Roadmap

Please note: This is all subject to change while I work things out. I'll finalize it before anything goes up for sale.

  • Pre-Begining

    Generate the art (almost check) and learn the ins and out of this whole process (aye there's the rub). It's really just a matter of balancing the rarities.

  • Start at the Begining

    Initially I'll be minting 100 warriors will be generated for giveaways and promos. Since the generation is blind and random they will have the same rarity chances as the rest.

    Pre-sale will be announced via the newsletter (email sign-up on this page) and will be .005 eth (+gas) each. 

    Once the public minting commences, they will start at .01 ETH (+gas) each. 

    Secondary sales will be though (collection page coming soon).

  • After Every 500 Mints

    After every 500 warriors minted, a special edition warrior will be randomly airdropped to one lucky minter.

    • NFT numbers will be fed into a random number generator and selected. Early adopters will have more chances, as previous winners will be left in the pool.
  • After 100% sold

    Once all 5000 warriors are sold, I'll be giving 20% of the proceeds to charity (TBD).

    Additionally, I will be holding physical item giveaways, details to follow. 

  • Etc Etc Etc

    During the whole process I'll be developing the merch that never came to fruition the first time around.

    After this chapter, I'd like to develop other lines of Nigh Heroes (classes, universes, time periods, etc) but I got to see where this all leads first. 


They look like game pieces, is this a game or utility?

No. It's just the aesthetic I finally settled on what with the combination of cubism, chibi and fantasy motifs intersecting - it seemed logical route. Plus the level and heath bar adds another layer of rarity to play with.

At this time I cannot promise any advanced functionality of these NFTs, despite them looking like game art.

It doesn't mean there's NO chance however, but since I have no idea what I doing, right now these are unlikely to be anything more than digital collectables.

Erm, Nigh Heroes?

A play on "My hero" *swoon* But since they're tiny, i figure Nigh (nearly) Heroes fit. Plus it was a short-lived off-shoot of a short-lived comic strip I did back in my college newspaper.

How are you making them?

'Tis a miracle really. Actually, I did the layers in Adobe Illustrator, then mashed them all together with the Hashlips Art Engine

Do you have a Discord?

No, I don't have a Discord channel (yet). I barely tend to my other social medias (IG: @rmlstudios , TW: @rmlstudios, @nigh_heroes_nft) let alone have time to moderate a 24/7 chat room :p

Who's Running this Ship?

Artist and designer out or Melbourne, FL. Creator of RML Studios - the overarching brand for all his art projects and indeed the home of the webpage you find yourself upon.

Ryan is the one-man-band that created the art, got the layers to mash together, got them all to upload to a smart contract, and is in charge of marketing this mess. You do not want to know where he's keeping the cymbals...



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