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I am new to the art world, but not to art. I’ve been drawing as far back as I can remember, illustrating all the weird stuff that’d pop out of a kid’s head.

My Appreciation for the arts didn’t develop till high school, and my junior year math teacher, Mr. Tierny. His classroom was covered in M.C. Escher, Rene Magrite and Dr. Seuss posters. The possibilities of art opened up to me.

It wasn't till about 2007 that, after a brief stint working in a department store as a high-end clothing shill, my design would look nifty on t-shirts. So, I decided to get serious. After some time and a couple dozen of false starts, and with encouragement and prodding from artist Humberto Rebollo (owner of Highland Art & Studio), I shifted into medium-high gear. I'm still trying to get a grasp on this marketing stuff, so bear with me.

About the Site:
Rather than reword it here, I would just read the inaugural blog post: Aaaaaaaand Go!

Style & Influences
My primary media have been pencils, markers and the computer, though I have been known to dabble in oils and acrylics. And now that I’ve put my toe in the art world, I hope to discover more ways to bring to life all the stuff that’ll pop out of my head.

Lately I’ve been into the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement and have been drawing inspiration from those. I also dig Escher and Frank Lloyd Wright.

[twocol_one]My Work Is Currently On Display At:

Highland Art & Studio
1414 Highland Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32937
Member since: 4/1/2011[/one_half]

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Some Unrelated Projects
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