Geomajig 83 Blue

Geomajigs 83, Mocked-Up as an unframed poster on stucco
  • Released: April 2023
  • Collection: Geomajigs

Geomajig 83 Blue (aka Untitled 83, ’cause ya know, titles are hard) is a midcentury modern like hard edge geometric abstract made of white line art with gradiated baby blue cell fills.

It’s part of my Geomajigs collection, which are geometric thingamajigs – like faux schematics for esoteric devices that’ll never exist.

Originally it was supposed to be the usual black lines with the whole lot centered on a white field, but a last minute audible made me try out the gradiated fills. It came out rather classy, so I kept it.

I played with other color schemes, like pink and rainbow, but for now I’m going to leave it as it. But follow me on all the follow-able platforms in case I do decide to release variants of this design (you know I will, come on now).

Faux time lapse drawing animation
Mock up of Geomajigs 83 in a frame, prints available in my Etsy.
Ryan Livingston

Ryan Livingston

Artist and Designer from Melbourne, FL, USA.

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