Orange & Yellow Series I

This series of paintings is a renewed venture to translate my ethereal, swirling lava-lamp-like style that I usually do in Sharpie into acrylic. There’s a degree or experimenting from piece to piece with different methods of defining the lines, as well as playing with texture.

Orange & Yellow 1
12″x12″ stretched canvas 12/12/13
I had done the lines first in pencil, then went over them with black acrylic. By the time I was done with the colors, I had to go over them again which lead to some blotchyness. But then again, as I say, if I wanted perfect lines I’d’ve done it digital 🙂 No complaints on the results though..

Orange & Yellow 2
12″x12″ stretched canvas 05/30/14
Second round: I used sharpie for the initial line work. It comes more naturally to me this way. Then I gessoed it all in white, which faded the lines enough so there was little bleed though but enough to see where I was painting. My intention was to add one or two of the grey blocks like in the first, but I got carried away in my lines and forgot.

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