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New Adena - Final
This came about innocently enough one morning whilst fiddling with Adobe Illustrator. I started out with just some yellow circles set to multiply.

I was going for a cross between a ton of venn diagrams and a bokeh type of a thing. After adding some diagonals and blurring the lot, the initial ground plane presented itself:

That dark center bit kinda looked like a shadow, so I figure “why not put a city there?” So, keeping withe color and overlaying multiplied-mode elements, I put together a city skyline. Then added some foreground elements by copying some of those original circles for the mounds, and the lines using Illustrator’s blend tools. Finally, added some more blurred circles to get a lens flair effect.

From this point I brought it into Photoshop to add the text and some noise. It was still looking a bit peaked, so I ran some HDR toning which took the noise I put in and did some amazing stuff to it! Which you can see in the final image.

As for the name “New Adena,” I had just finished watching some episodes of America Unearthed with Scott Wolter on H2, which was talking about an proto-american society of mound builders round the Ohio Valley. I was at a loss at what to call my new metropolis, so that seemed like a good name. It came down to either “New Adena” or “Neo Adena.” The W worked better in the layout, which I’m glad because the whole “Neo-…” is played out 🙂

And there you have it.

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