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The Art & Design of Ryan Livingston

The Screech

The Screech came out of, like New Adena, aimlessly playing around with functions in Illustrator. Digital doodling for the win!

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New Adena Travel Poster

This came about innocently enough one morning whilst fiddling with Adobe Illustrator. I started out with just some yellow circles set to multiply. I was going for a cross between a ton of venn diagrams and a bokeh type of a thing. After adding some diagonals and blurring the lot, the initial ground plane presented…

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Lunar Radio II

Image of a mysterious vintage radio shaped structure plunk down on the moon’s surface. What else is NASA not telling us?

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Claddagh Hawk

Digital art deco-ish, art nouveau-ish depiction of a hawk with a claddagh shaped face.

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Ancient Guardian

Ancient Guardian is a modernish take on early Mezoamerican (Aztech / Mayan) designs. It seems to be some sort of giant bat / rabbit spirit rising from an elaborately carved skull… and it is here to PROTECT you.

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The Wasp

The Wasp – The banner for some retro futuristic dystopian society? Or the insignia for an art deco themed golden-age hero? I’ve been told it could be either. You decide.

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Some doubt early civilization foresaw the coming of Pinball, but if they did, this is how I envision they’d make an idol to it! Monolith is a semi-art deco, quasi-Mesoamerican revival design in black and white.   Monolith (2011) #vector #art from Ryan Livingston (@rmlstudios) Going through and remastering some older works and giving them…

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Quad - Geometric Art Deco Design by Ryan Livingston

Quad is a Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style stained glass inspired digital abstract geometric design; in bright, graphic animesque colors of black, red, gold, turquoise.

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