String theorists believe there are at least 11 dimensions. Luckily, they’re held at bay by such impossible, infernal contraptions like the Switchplate (interdimensional lockout unit)… Alas, it looks like there may be a containment breach with this one. But maybe some extra-universal radiation is good for the soul? Right?

RML Studios is not responsible for the development of superpowers or lack thereof due to defective Switchplate Interdimensional Lockout Units.

Have I ever mentioned I’m bad with descriptions? Anyway, this thing looked like to alt-future tech, so I ran with it.

It’s gone through some iterations to get to the final product. The original 2008 version was all flat color and boring. I re-colored and textured it in 2013, adding depth and gigs in file size. That’s the good thing about not selling anything, you can do infinite revisions :p

Ryan Livingston

Ryan Livingston

Artist and Designer from Melbourne, FL, USA.

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