Quick Warmup Exercises

Random Mandala

So, in efforts to kick my self in the pants and get moving, I did a quick mandala just to shake the cobwebs. Just something to do without any inclination of releasing prints and such.

Rather than taking old work or some stock photo as the seed as I usually do, I actually had A.I. create a starting image for me.

“create an abstract splatter pattern with the colors “desert orange” “gummy pink” and “aqua blue” , hand-drawn, vertical aspect ratio”

the prompt for ->

I chose those colors because they’re supposed to be the trendy colors, according to some random pin on Pinterest. Who knows?

Anyway, that A.I. stuff can knockout some nifty stuff. But I ain’t about to claim it as my own so I went about putting it though the Photoshop meat grinder.

Based on an article from an old Photoshop User magazine, I duplicated it a few times, rotating each copy. Then I put all the copies in a smart object and play around with the their stacking modes still I get something I think I can work with… then filters on filters.

And, I gotta say, for something that was intended to be throwaway it came out pretty decent. So we’ll see.

Morning Doodle Page

Something I need to do more of whether I’m recording or not – morning pages. Just fill out sketchbook and notebook pages of all the crud in my brain.

Plus I needed something to start using “trending sounds” with since most of that music isn’t in my wheelhouse.

Most of my drawing videos are spontaneous, but this one was more so – no rulers or templates. Just raw doodle.

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